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Hi there! I'm Josefi Helo, an Independent Senior Designer and Art Director based in Prague. I help clients bring their ideas to life through distinctive, strategic and emotionally resonant design solutions. I believe that every brand has a unique narrative waiting to be told, and I find joy in translating these stories into a cohesive visual world.


Collaboration is at the heart of my philosophy, and open communication is key. Together, we breathe life into your vision in a way that connects with your audience.

Specialising in visual identity, strategic branding, collateral, and packaging design, I infuse storytelling and creativity into every project to make it meaningful and visually stunning.


My love for music transcends into my design work allowing me to collaborate with music artists. This integration enriches my design journey and continually fuels my creative process.

Beyond individual projects, I welcome opportunities to partner with agencies and studios, continually expanding my skills and knowledge.

 Let's work together! 


Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Packaging Design
Brand Collateral
Promo Materials
Music-related Visuals
Web Design

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