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Amundsen Essences

Client: Stock Spirits Group    |   Packaging, Label Design

Amundsen Essences introduces a refreshing twist to the classic Amundsen vodka with two enticing variants: orange and mango. The smoothness of the vodka is infused with these natural fruit aromas in a lighter and non-added sugar version.

Embracing eye-catching foil techniques, the signature blue logo is now accentuated by a dynamic, kaleidoscopic colourful pattern and enriched with shimmering holographic foil fragments that hint at the vodka's pure clarity. The lively colour scheme encapsulates the freshness and fruity character of the drink.

Made at Fiala & Šebek Visual Communications.


Creative Direction / Jiří Fiala
Concept & Design / Josefi Helo
Client Management / Lukáš Fiala
Artworker & Pre-Press Preparation / Jiří Andr

Retouch / Šárka Přenosilová
Photography / Vladimír Cimický, STOCK Plzeň-Božkov s.r.o.

by Fiala & Šebek Visual Communications
© All rights reserved

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